Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ok, after I found new batteries and losing my camera in an arcade and getting it back 2 days later and taking pictures to post on my blog, Here are some pictures finally!!!!! enjoy!

Side Note: Ill post more later, but Im at I.C. Nagoya doing this and I dont have much time, thanks =)


  1. Well, at least I know you are alive and well! Here are guesses at captions...
    1. Delicious lunch with , taken by .
    2. Outside the place where you ate with the above two friends.
    3. Shopping with your host family, son Taiki. (needs to be rotated...)
    4. Host family's home. (Very nice!)
    5. Gotta be the Pokemon Institute!

  2. Ok, nice guessing, but wrong! They are:

    1. Lunch at Meji-Mura outside Museum (Like Williamsburg) with my new friend Ben Ng
    2. Inuyama Castle with Ben and his HOST DAD! lol
    3. Taiki, yes, and I only had a minute so no time to rotate
    4. Kawahara's house
    5. Osu Kannon, big shopping area, Pokemon Center is smaller

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  4. Wow! You are doing some great stuff! Thanks for checking my answers! Miss you much! ❤❤❤