Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A lot of awesome stuff!!!!!!

Ok, it is 5:55 pm in Kyowa (a part of Obu) and I have found an internet cafe 3 minutes from the house so YATA! Ok, so lets see, how awesome is Japan so far... hm... OK, lets start! 1: Taking the train to school; Its so cool to walk down to a train station and take a train to Nagoya and get off at that station and walk to the school! 2. I.C. Nagoya; The school is a part of a building but its pretty neat inside. We took a placement test and I am in Class A, the beginning class, but im ok with that because even though i did the online test, I really didnt learn that much... except to identify the Hiragana characters. It was more of i needed the teacher and classroom environment to learn Japanese, so its all good. 3. Being on my own!; I like being on my own! Its like this, after school, I can buy a ticket to the subway and go where ever i want in Nagoya then when I`m done, I find my way back to Nagoya center and go to the train station and ride the train to Kyoowa then walk home through the town. Its just awesome! Ok, Ill come back to this cafe tomorrow and next time have some pictures to share! This is Chase Tyree, signing off!


  1. Glad you are having a great time! Hope you won't be late for host family time in the Internet Cafe, but so glad you found it! I am anxious to see pictures! Aren't the trains and subways just so much fun? I guess that is what comes of not growing up with them and just being stranded if you don't have "a ride."
    Love you and miss you! ❤❤❤ MadrĂ©