Friday, July 16, 2010

Talk about stuff

Ok, I know I havent posted anything in the last few days so now I will! Today I am going to talk about 3 random things in Japan: Transportation, Food, and TV.

Number One: Transportation
Theres a lot of ways to get around in Japan! From bikes to bullet trains, theres no way you can be stuck at home! My favorite part of this subject is the JR (Japan Railroad) trains. They are passenger trains that stop at stations throughout Nagoya. I ride the Tokaido Line from the Kyowa Station to Nagoya every school day. Its about a 20 minute ride from my station. About a week ago I finally found a couple of the people who ride my line, Amanda and Mecayla (Its Italian so i dont know if i spelled it right, sorry =( ) Its fun because Amanda is from Sweden and Mecayla is from Italy so we talk about differences in languages. All I can say is "Percula" (It's Finnish). The Subway system in Nagoya is also fantastic and easy to navigate! and somewhat cheap. To Sakae, its 200 yen with is like $2.50. Sakae is very popular for us AFS kids to go to!

Number Two: Food!!!
The food here is fantastic! I love rice and almost everything here goes great with rice! Also, let me say one thing, Sushi is not a common food item. Sushi is actually a special dinner food and is veeeeery expensive, but its so darn good! For lunch at school, everyday Taiki makes my lunch and it is fantastic! Its different every day but you can count on rice being in the bento =). As for snacks, I love Onigiri. Onigiri is a rice ball with something put in the middle then wrapped in a seaweed sheet and it is a perfect snack!

Number Three: TV
Why TV? because it is really weird and cool. First, I love the all anime channel. Anime is basically animated show in Japan, but not like cartoons. Cartoons are make for kids while Anime is more entertainment for teens and adults, but that sounds wrong. Basically, Anime would not be suitable for children under the age of 13 in the USA. Also, about the cartoons, they show the old ones on cartoon network and also Japanese ones mixed in. and all i can say is, they are violent, lol. Its funny how much cartoons have changed over the years. And one last thing. The commercials are VEEEERY funny. If you dont have facebook, heres a link to my favorite commercial so far Its a commercial for Glee in Japan. The main guy singing is a famous sumo wrestler from Hawaii. I also watch a lot of NCIS with my host dad. Since he is the only one who really knows English, we watch NCIS in English with Japanese subtitles.

Thats is for this Installment of my Blog, and Ill leave you with more pictures from Japan!!
1. View from my room
2. Another view from my room
3. I know this is late but this is the AFS USA kids before we left for Japan.
4. My invitation to my host family for the ceremony
5. Taiki and James at the arcade